Are you in the market for a piece of property but do not have the ready cash deposit to exchange contracts? Do you want to buy "off-the-plan"? Or perhaps you are at an auction but want your hard-earned savings to still be working for you? In this case, have you heard about deposit bonds?

What are deposit bonds?

Deposit bonds can be used instead of the traditional cash deposit for short- or long-term purposes. They are used when exchanging contracts of sale for a property. This is one of the top finance solutions offered by us as an Australian financial services company.

How to apply for deposit bonds?

A bond application is easy to apply for. All you need to do is complete the financial bond form and then prove that you can settle on the property you are acquiring.

Let us help you.

Let Excellence Finance assist you in finding the suitable Deposit Bonds for short- and long-term arrangements in the marketplace. Allow us, as a finance company Australia has to offer, to help you out.

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