Risk insurance overview

When we think of financial advice, we often concentrate on investment strategies. While these are very important, it is equally important to put defensive strategies in place. We should keep personal insurance as part of the list of defensive strategies

Think about all the consequences that come with not having the ability to work for a long period of time because you are ill or have an injury or perhaps the death of the breadwinner of the family. The emotional loss comes with such situations. But it is quite possible that you can minimise the financial loss to your family or business with risk insurance cover.

This is a form of personal insurance or general insurance that would protect your personal finance.


Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers you a lump sum payment which you and your family can use. This will ensure that your financial plan you have for the family can be met. This also allows you to meet any financial obligations that your business may need. Protection insurance always saves the day.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD)

With total and permanent disability insurance, you will be provided with a lump sum payment. This is in case you suffer from any type of injury or sickness and thus are unable to work permanently.

This payment will allow you to pay for any expenses that come up because of the injury or sickness that you are suffering from. You can get help from us as a finance company regarding this.

Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance will help you by providing a lump sum payment. This is in case you suffer from any trauma that is included in the medical list of major traumas.

This sum will help you get the best type of care - from medical care to rehabilitation care. It should also help you change to have a better lifestyle.

Income Protection Insurance

If you are suffering from an illness or have an injury and thus unable to work, income protection insurance will be the one save you. It will provide you with a payment that will replace your regular earnings.

This will assist you with maintaining your lifestyle right up until you are able to go back to work.

Business Expenses Insurance

Business expenses insurance will give reimbursement to the owner of any small and self-employed business. This will be used for any ongoing business expenses that are fixed. It will be provided so long as the owner is still not fit to work because of an injury or any sickness.

Risk insurance might be particularly important if you carry debt, have dependents, are self-employed, or if your income would not continue because you are disabled as a result of an injury or illness.

Don’t risk the financial future of yourself, your family or your business – take action today.

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